Any readers who may be planning to use OEBB’s Nightjet trains in the coming weeks must note that many have been suspended.

This is because of lockdowns and other restrictions now being imposed within mainland Europe.

I was alerted to this development by a report in The Brussels Times, which stated Nightjet’s service to Vienna would operate for the last time on November 5 before being suspended for “at least a month.”

Since that report appeared Belgium has imposed a strict lockdown so the Nightjet suspension may be extended.

Nightjet’s Brussels-Vienna service was launched only last year before being suspended earlier this year during the first lockdown. Only recently had it resumed operations.

Austria restores Nightjet services

There must also be some doubt as to whether OEBB will be able to launch its Vienna-Amsterdam Nightjet service next month.

Furthermore OEBB will suspend Nightjet service over numerous routes from Vienna to Switzerland and Germany according to

These suspensions are effective between November 8 and December 2 but may be extended during the current uncertainty.

Finally Germany’s Deutsche Bahn, which operates a great number of restaurant cars on its mainline trains, has announced these will be closed (from this Monday) during its country’s lockdown.,