Delta is adding antimicrobial LED lights in its airplane lavatories as part of its enhanced cleaning measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, says the carrier.

The US carrier will install the first antimicrobial LED light, known as Vyv antimicrobial LED lighting, in lavatories beginning in mid-November on its B757-200 fleet through early 2021. The light continually reduces the growth of bacteria within the lavatory, according to Delta.

Vyv is a visible spectrum LED light (non-UV) that provides “high-quality illumination that is deadly to bacteria, while being ideal for continuous use around people and animals”, says the carrier.

Through a partnership first announced at CES 2020 in January, the carrier is beginning installation of the lighting above onboard lavatory sinks and countertops – known as a high-touch area on board.

The carrier says it is also using electrostatic spraying to help improve cleanliness and eliminate germs in lavatories, and in-flight crews also use kits that include disinfectant spray, wipes and gloves to ensure thorough sanitisation.

“Innovation is central to everything we do at Delta. Our partnership with Vyv shows how we are adapting the vision we showcased at CES to double-down on our commitment to customer health and safety,” said Bill Lentsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer.

“This technology will provide another of the many layers we’ve put in place that, when working together, keep customers safe. For Delta, there’s no more important goal for applied innovation.”

Delta says after installing the lights on its B757-200 fleet,  it plans to conduct further tests in 2021 with the hope of expanding installation in the future.

Customers will know their flight is equipped with Vyv thanks to newly installed messaging placards in outfitted lavatories.

These placards feature a link customers can visit to learn more about Delta’s new cleanliness measures.