To provide guests with a faster and safer check-in experience, the hospitality chain Oyo Hotels & Homes has launched ‘Contactless Check-in’ campaign.

Guests can choose to check-in on the Oyo app from anywhere, right after the booking, consequently, eliminating the need for a physical check-in process on arrival. Once guests arrive at the hotel, they will only need to pick the sanitised key card at the reception desk, allowing them to directly head to their room.

Commenting on the initiative, Shreerang Godbole, SVP and chief service officer, Oyo Hotels & Homes said, “In the past couple of months, we’re seeing travel coming back across geographies. For us, this means strengthening our efforts to provide a safe and secure experience for all our guests, partners and employees. Traditionally, the hospitality industry involves a lot of human contact.

“However, given the current reality, digitisation of physical processes is not just an option or add-on, it’s a necessity. The insight behind this campaign was to simplify processes and eliminate steps that can be carried out in a socially distanced manner. We, therefore, mapped the entire customer journey right from the moment the guest walks through our doors and digitised maximum processes, considerably reducing the need for physical contact.”

In addition to the Contactless check-in campaign, Oyo is encouraging digital payments, making the app and website booking process simpler by enabling a three-click process and has launched SBYE to promote safe stay.