Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched a new app called Kris+ that brings payment, lifestyle and rewards services together in one platform for its customers.

The airline says its investment in Kris+ is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to drive non-airline revenue streams in the coming years.

The new app aims to build on the airline’s existing KrisPay app by combining dining, retail and entertainment discounts. It also offers customers the option to earn miles from everyday spending, and pay for purchases and experiences with miles.

“With an updated interface and user experience, Kris+ will also allow Singapore Airlines to personalise offers for its global customer base via location-based or interest-based recommendations, offer discounts, miles-back, instant rewards and exclusive birthday and PPS privileges via an easy-to-use platform,” reads a statement from the carrier.

Kris+ has about 150 partners with over 650 outlets in Singapore providing customised deals with privileges.

“Products, services and experiences from our partners have been curated with our customers in mind, and offered with comprehensive discounts. More partners will be progressively added in the coming months,” says the carrier.

Singapore Airline says it also plans to bring overseas partners and merchants to the app in January 2021 for Singapore residents travelling abroad.

KrisPay, a blockchain-based airline loyalty digital wallet, has also been integrated into Kris+. Guests can expect to see other in-app payment options, allowing users to simultaneously earn more miles with each purchase.

The airline is offering promotions to users including a 30 per cent instant miles-back on purchases redeemed with miles from now until October 26. Other deals over October and November include bonus miles earn campaigns, more mile-back campaigns, $1 and $2 deals from selected partners, one-for-one dining deals and discounts at selected retail partners in Singapore.