Lufthansa Group has published a further update on refunds processed as a result of Covid-19 cancelled flights.

The group has now paid out over €3 billion to more than seven million customers, with the number of pending requests falling to around €350 million across 700,000 transactions.

Lufthansa said that the redeployment of staff means it can currently process around 1,700 refund applications per hour, with capacity in its customers centres tripled.

The group said that “Constantly changing travel restrictions and current political decisions” meant it was still being forced to make “frequent and extensive changes to flight schedules at short notice”.

As a result the group said that while the number of open refund applications is expected to decrease further in the coming weeks, it “will not reach zero”.

It’s not clear how the refunds break down across the various Lufthansa Group carriers – last month Brussels Airlines admitted it had processed less than a third of refund requests filed as a result of over 36,000 flights cancelled following the onset of Covid-19.

At the time the airline It pledged to resolve “the bulk of the refund backlog by the end of October”, with the exception of “more complex requests, such as bookings involving several airlines”.

Brussels Airlines has only processed 31 per cent of refunds so far

Lufthansa Group has removed rebooking fees across all member carriers (Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines) until the end of the year.,,,