Mumbai Airport plans to increase its domestic flight movement by 50 per cent, next week onwards.

This development comes after the announcement by the Maharashtra State Government that allowed the increase of domestic flights to and from the state by 50 per cent.

Currently, 100 daily domestic arrivals and departures are being handled by the Mumbai Airport or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA). This is said to increase to 150 daily domestic arrivals and departures by next week.

Airlines have been permitted to add flights to and from Mumbai, as and when they can.

Recently, Mumbai Airport rolled out a QR code-based contactless check-in facility.

Air travel in the country is slowly moving back towards normalcy. On October 2, India recorded 1,76,601 domestic passengers — the highest daily number since air travel resumed in the country back in May 25.

Airports in other metros are also ramping up their connectivity gradually — while Delhi Airport made Terminal 2 operational to allow more air traffic, Chennai Airport (which currently handles 50 flight movements) is also looking to double these numbers by next week.