Qatar’s Hamad International Airport (HIA) has launched a trial phase for contactless self-check-in and baggage drop. The technology is using happyhover™ and SITA Mobile Solution technology .

Happyhover™ uses infra-red technology to detect fingers as they approach a specific area of the kiosk screen and to accept the intended customer action; eliminating the need for passengers to touch potentially infected surfaces.

They can also use their mobile phones to control the kiosk screen using the SITA Contactless Kiosk Solution. Passengers simply scan QR codes that connect their mobile phone via Wi-Fi to the SITA Remote Control App. This displays a touch-pad that the passenger can use to remotely control the mouse pointer on the kiosk screen.

The app also features a keyboard that passengers can use to type on the kiosk screen without touching it.

These latest additions to HIA’s suite of technologies offer convenient, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are easily deployed to reduce contact during the self-check-in and baggage drop processes.