Jetblue has published an image of the tailfin design which will adorn its first A321LR aircraft, which will operate the carrier’s transatlantic flights from next year.

In a tweet the airline said:

“Color us excited! The rollout of our London service next year just got real with this sneak peek at our first new pond-hopping A321LR. The tailfin pattern is aptly named Streamers—as in jetstream and as in let’s jet the party started!”

Last year Jetblue confirmed plans to launch flights from New York and Boston to London in 2021, and has converted 13 existing A321 orders for the A321 XLR variant of the aircraft, offering an extended range of up to 8,300 km.

Jetblue confirms London route launches

Jetblue is known for its unique tailfin designs, from ‘Barcode’ and ‘Bubbles’ to ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Tartan’. As the carrier states on this page which details more information on its various designs:

“Seeing the same tailfin gate after gate after gate is just plane boring. And because we think the journey should be as fun as the destination, we bring that fun to our stylish tailfin patterns and unique plane names (which you’ll spot near the nose of every aircraft).”