The Magarigawa Club, Asia’s first private driving club is scheduled to open in 2022 in Tokyo, Japan.

Located just one-hour from Tokyo International Airport, this unique driving club will allow members to enjoy an unparalleled driving experience with spectacular views of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay.

The club will feature an exquisite 3.5 km road course, with a maximum ascent of 20 per cent and maximum descent of 16 per cent and an 800-metre long straight track.

“It is challenging but also designed for safety, letting drivers focus on the driving experience. They can take one-on-one lessons with professional instructors and explore the potential of their favourite cars in a safe manner,” reads an official statement on the website. “Our unique road course was designed by the world-renowned F1 circuit design team at Tilke Engineers and Architects.”

There will be a Clubhouse, which will have facilities such as a restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness centre and spa. It will include indoor and outdoor hot spring baths and a 25-metre outdoor swimming pool. The overall design of the clubhouse will see a blend of both traditional and modern Japanese elements.

In addition to serving as a premium tourist destination, The Magarigawa Club will also be an interesting pick for an offbeat event venue.