Popular hostel startup Zostel has revolutionised the idea of traditional accommodation options by introducing the concept of ‘prefabricated’ mobile vacation homes.

For this, Zostel has partnered with Chromed Studio, for designing the eco-friendly and sustainable Zostel Villas.

All Zostel villas are ready-to-move-in. They are spread across three floors with the living area and the kitchen on the ground floor.

The living area opens up to a wooden balcony deck perfect to enjoy the surrounding views.

The master bedroom along with two washrooms is located on the first floor. The second floor is a mezzanine floor which has been optimised to make use of the attic area and has a double bed.

Each villa is equipped with smart amenities such as wifi, Apple TVs, digital locks and CCTV cameras among others.

The brand said:

“With Zostel Villas, we are bringing you an innovative opportunity of building a gorgeous and unconventional prefabricated house with us, which can get installed in any terrain, be it the sprawling golden desert sands, thick woods of a jungle, or up above a hill.”

“It is an asset-based investment which is not locked to a particular location and gives owners returns on a regular basis. Investors can essentially lease land at any location around the world, transport the villa to that site, set it up in a matter of few days, and keep it there for the longest period.”

Further elaborating on the concept, Akshat Jain, business development head, Zostel said:

“As a brand, we want to become a part of the real estate sector and deliver unparalleled innovation. Prefabricated is a concept that has not been explored properly in the hospitality and real estate sector, and Zostel has the right team to educate the players and deliver a world-class product in the same way it has done for backpacker hostels.”