Goair has operated more than 200 flights from Saudi Arabia to various domestic airports in India between June 10 and September 4, repatriating over 37,000 passengers to their homes in the country.

The low-cost carrier has operated these flights, which have been a combination of Vande Bharat Mission and international charters, from three cities in Saudi Arabia – Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah.

“Goair will be supporting the Government of India with many more Vande Bharat Mission flights as well as private charter flights that are required to help Indians return to their loved ones,” said Jeh Wadia, Managing Director, Goair.

The budget carrier has also operated repatriation flights from other Middle East countries to India.

Goair has flown 67 flights from Kuwait repatriating 11,759 passengers, 34 flights from Dubai repatriating 6,094 passengers and 21 flights from Abu Dhabi repatriating 2,725 passengers.

In addition, 25 flights from Doha in Qatar and repatriated 4,427 stranded Indians, and 30 flights from Muscat in Oman repatriated 5,393 passengers.