Over the years we have reported on the many UK airports which have introduced drop-off fees for those arriving by car.

Every report we have published has generated much negative reader feedback.

Now one airport outside the UK wants to jump on the bandwagon reports the Irish Times Business.

Dublin airport operator DAA wants to levy a charge for those dropping off or picking up passengers outside Terminals 1 and 2.

It first needs approval from Fingal County Council. The Irish Times says any fees will not be introduced during the Covid-19 crisis.

The actual fees have not been finalised but, in the case of Belfast International, they start at £1 for ten minutes.

DAA says its new system is intended to reduce car journeys to and from the airport and to encourage travellers to make greater use of public transport.

As with UK airports, travellers who do arrive by car are encouraged to use car parks further away and then take shuttle transfers to the terminals.

However once these charges are introduced airports have a habit of raising them as time passes.

Moreover, as we see at Manchester, these schemes can be modified. As discussed on our forum the airport has introduced a ‘re-circulation’ fee.

Not only does Manchester charge an initial £3 for five and £4 for ten minutes, but anyone returning to the drop-off zone within 30 minutes must pay a £25 re-circulation fee.

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