Throughout lockdown the Caledonian Sleeper continued to provide sleeper cabins but not GWR.

The latter’s Night Riviera service, operating between London Paddington and Penzance, withdrew its cabins in favour of seating accommodation only.

But from August 24 it was all change when GWR brought back the sleeper cabins.

However the product is not the same compared to pre-Covid-19 times. GWR says that:

  • Lounges at London Paddington, Penzance and Truro remain closed
  • Travellers must board through the lounge car – coach C
  • Upon boarding passengers will be provided with complimentary snacks and a ‘lite bite’ breakfast
  • Passengers cannot sit in the lounge car – snacks, cold drinks and so on can be purchased although these must be taken back to the cabin
  • Room service, wake-up calls and breakfast service are not currently offered

According to its website similar catering limitations remain in place for Caledonian Sleeper’s Anglo-Scottish services.

Readers intending to use the above are advised to check the latest situation at time of booking.

Each operator deploys different rolling stock. GWR’s Night Riviera comprises refurbished British Rail sleepers while Caledonian Scot operates newer stock made in Spain by CAF.

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