India’s F&B sector is now aggressively venturing into the digital space that is not only helping their brand to sustain but also further elevate the in-car and drive-through dining experience for guests in this pandemic.

One such brand that is promoting this facility is Hundo Pizza, the latest pizza joint in Bandra, Mumbai. Their delivery radius is 7 km currently.

Launched this week, Hundo Pizza is a digital-first delivery and takeaway brand with its sole existence being on an online platform.

On the menu are a variety of pizza offerings from the usual favourites like the Margherita to the Greca that is inspired by flavours from Greece – spinach sautéed with herbs and caramelised onions, and Pepperoni made with premium pork pepperoni with San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh buffalo mozzarella, among others.

Their service is available on Swiggy and Zomato along with their official website.

Elaborating his views on whether the drive-through dining experience will gain momentum in this pandemic phase, Kabir Moorjani, co-founder of the Hundo Pizza says, “Cars are the current go-to spaces for catching up with friends and family. Being trapped in and working from home for the past few months have been emotionally and mentally exhausting. Therefore, given the ease in restrictions, people would venture out for drives and that is where the drive-through and take out will gain momentum.”

Besides its food delivery, the brand has also enhanced the waiting experience by providing its guests with a music playlist on Spotify. In addition, they also offer the customers an opportunity to watch the whole ‘pizza baking’ experience.

Talking in detail about the digitalisation in the F&B space, Ronak Rajani, co-founder, Hundo Pizza says, “The sector has been adapting this change for over a decade now. The industry has finally understood the importance of it. Internet of things (loT) is the way forward and that is something we are closely looking at incorporating into our business.”

However, he also believes that artificial intelligence is going to be the next big wave for the industry to embrace. “We will be soon adding sensor trackers to our oven to track cooking and production time as well as for daily tally.”