Swiss now provides an Airtrain link between Geneva Cornavin (the city’s main rail station) and Zurich airport.

There are up to ten Airtrain services a day in each direction. All will carry LX (Swiss) flight numbers.

Airtrain connections are bookable on Geneva-Zurich is the airline’s third Airtrain service after Lugano-Zurich and Basle-Zurich.

Swiss is following in the footsteps of other European carriers, most notably Lufthansa, Air France and more recently Austrian Airlines, in launching a dedicated rail-air link.

Says Swiss CEO Thomas Kluhr, “Keeping Western Switzerland closely connected with our global-based flight network is extremely important to us.”

Although Swiss already operates several daily Geneva-Zurich flights these do not provide the same connection possibilities considering scheduling remains reduced by Covid-19.

However one wonders what Swiss’ customers think.

It’s believed some residents of Italian-speaking Ticino remain unhappy at losing their long-established air link from Lugano to Zurich.

Swiss to launch Lugano-Zurich rail service

This must worry Swiss because many of its Ticinese users are wealthy and no airline can afford to lose affluent customers.

Rival gateway Milan Malpensa is not far from Ticino and that must tempt some to use an Italian gateway rather than Zurich.