British Airways is considering offering pre-flight Covid-19 testing in an attempt to boost customer confidence.

Boots is a possible partner and, according to its website, is already planning to offer pre-flight Covid-19 testing

British Airways says,

“We are currently discussing the possibility of helping our customers access pre-flight testing through third parties if their destination requires this, however no plans have been finalised. We will share more in due course.”

The news, first reported by the God Save The Points blog, adds the detail that since Boots is owned by American pharmacy giant Walgreens, as part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. This would allow testing on both sides of the Atlantic, a potential further attraction for British Airways, which relies for a substantial part of its revenues from the profitable transatlantic routes.

British Airways makes clear that unlike airlines such as Emirates and Etihad, “It is not making pre-flight testing mandatory for all customers.”

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In other words, it will not be requiring Covid-19 testing for all passengers to all destinations, but just those destinations which require it.