The Government of Dubai has released a directive allowing live indoor and outdoor meetings and events to resume in the city.

Concerts, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, training sessions, banquets, product launches, weddings and more are now permitted to take place, but venues must implement strict health and safety measures, including sanitisation, thermal screening and capacity limits.

At seated events participants must adhere to a minimum of two metres social distancing, with two seats to be kept vacant between each group or between solo guests, including in VIP areas. Standing events have the same guidelines, but there must be marking on the floor to show individual space and group space.

Online ticket purchases are strongly advised but if event-goers need to visit the box office, floor markers must be in place to ensure social distancing in the queue

Venues must also organise a staggered entry for ticket holders while post-event, guests should exit row-by-row via marked walkways.

Guests and staff are required to wear masks at all times and performers are permitted to remove their mask provided they remain at least four metres away from the audience. Physical interaction between performers and participants is strictly prohibited.

In addition, all venues must be sanitised every 30 minutes for events of more than 25 people and every hour for events of under 25 people, as well as at the end of each day and at the end of the event.

Pre-packaged food with disposable cutlery is allowed, while buffets must adhere to social distancing measures, including in queues and self-service is not permitted.