As per Maharashtra government’s recent announcement, malls and market complexes will be operational from 0900 hours to 1900 hours with effect from August 5, without theatres, food courts and restaurants.

However, kitchens of restaurants and food courts will be allowed to operate in malls wherein only home delivery through aggregators will be permitted.

While we proceed towards a new unlock phase with further relaxation in activities, safety and hygiene still remain our top priority.

Especially in activities like shopping at malls, it is vital that we remain cautious. Popular malls in Mumbai like Phoenix Market City Kurla, High Street Phoenix and Palladium in Lower Parel have implemented strict measures such as:

  • Only touch ‘trial clothes’ that are specifically kept at multiple apparel stores. These are sanitised after every use.
  • Make sure that you disinfect your bags using the UV scanner on entry and also clean the footwear using the sanitisation mat. Likewise, use the UV disinfection system that the mall provides to disinfect your shopping bags post purchases.
  • Dispose masks and gloves only in the bio-hazard bins provided by the mall.
  • While at the food court, it is advised that you carry a portable disinfectant spray for extra safety.

In addition to this, wearing a mask, social distancing and co-operating with the store employees is necessary.