Since lockdown train firm LNER’s onboard catering has been suspended for both standard and first class passengers.

However next month the rail operator will bring back catering but with a difference.

First class passengers are used to having ‘at seat’ service (so no change there) but this will now be extended to those in standard class. No longer will they have to wait for the trolley or walk to the buffet car.

‘Let’s Eat – At Your Seat’ works by means of a digital in-seat app, with passengers scanning a QR code on their mobile phone.

LNER says this will be a trial – it will be introduced next month and hopefully extended to its fleet later in 2020.

Currently we do not know exactly when in August the new service will be made available, nor on which LNER trains it will be offered initially.

It is also unclear whether or not this service will be complimentary in first class (as it was pre-lockdown) and I hope that will remain the case.

LNER says “It will become available, to include our Chef prepared menu, for our first class customers on completion of successful trials.”

We shall update this copy when we receive more information from the operator.

Richard Judge, LNER’s head of catering said:

“Customers in both standard and first class will be able to browse the menu in their own time and order at their convenience, enhancing the onboard experience and improving their journey with us.”