Delta is partnering up with RB, the makers of Lysol, to develop new cleaning and disinfecting solutions for high-touch areas at the airport and onboard such as airplane lavatories, departure gates, and the airline’s airport lounges.

The US carrier established a Global Cleaning division, a new department within the Customer Experience organisation, earlier this year dedicated to developing new cleanliness standards for the airline.

The airline and Lysol say they will conduct research to gather insights on consumers’ travel experiences to help inform the development of new, innovative disinfecting solutions, with a focus on “ongoing germ-related travel concerns for customers”. Airplane lavatories will be the first area of focus for the partnership.

Microbiologists and germ-kill experts will coordinate with th Delta Global Cleanliness team to develop protocols for disinfection in an effort to “protect customers against illness-causing bacteria and viruses” in high-traffic areas including departure gates, aircraft lavatories and Delta Sky Clubs.

Delta says it will also deploy Delta Care Carts including EPA-approved disinfection products recommended by Lysol, making it easier to disinfect large seating areas and countertops more frequently.

The carrier added that Lysol will provide products to Delta, including Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, to be used  on high-touch germ hotspots across Delta areas from check-in to baggage claim.

“There’s no finish line for cleanliness – there’s always more we can do to innovate and elevate our already-high standards because that’s what our customers and employees expect and deserve,” said Bill Lentsch, Delta’s chief customer experience officer.

“The experts at Lysol share our drive for innovative, continuous improvement – they’re the best at their craft. That’s why we’re excited to get started on R&D to target germ ‘hot spots’ and cement the Delta CareStandard as the industry gold standard – so customers feel confident in choosing Delta as more people return to travel,” he added.

Delta also recently announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to provide additional Covid-19 infection prevention measures for travellers and employees. This airline says this includes guidance on an employee Covid-19 testing program, ensuring that “virtually all” Delta employees will be tested in “just a matter of weeks” via onsite and at-home testing.