Plaza Premium Lounge has reopened its airport lounges in select locations worldwide.

The company says it has reopened its lounges in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Vancouver, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Penang, Langkawi, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Abu Dhabi.

“As a pioneer and innovator of airport hospitality this is a crucial time for us to work with our airline and airport partners to rebuild trust and assurance in travel by providing a safe environment for travellers at the airport,” shares Song Hoisee CEO and founder of Plaza Premium Group.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong (East Hall) at Hong Kong International Airport, which closed for renovation in May this year, has reopened with a series of new measures in place. The airport lounge company says it has reconfigured the space to adapt to social distancing, and implemented a mobile friendly self-ordering system that allows guests to order food items by scanning a QR code to reduce human contact.

The Group says it has launched a new cleaning programme called “We Care for Your Wellbeing” across its lounges, which introduces a series of health and safety measures including body temperature checks, frequent sanitisation of all surfaces, provision of hand sanitisers at different areas, encouraging social distancing and having a “tailored minimalistic approach to food options to minimise human contact”.

Plaza Premium has lounges in over 35 international airports, including in Greater China (Hong Kong, Macao, mainland, Taiwan), Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore), Australia, Americas (Brazil, Canada), Europe (Finland, Italy, U.K.), India and the Middle East (Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).