Japan-based NEC Corporation and SITA have partnered to develop a market-leading solution, enabling a seamless walk-through travel experience at airports.

The collaboration aims to leverage NEC’s I:Delight identity management platform along with SITA Smart Path and SITA Flex.

I:Delight uses NEC’s biometric and digital identity solutions to offer a unified customer experience across several services.

SITA Smart Path uses biometrics as a single identification token at every step in the passenger journey and SITA Flex is a next-generation mobile-enabled technology that facilitates enhanced travel experience.

The SITA-NEC programme will allow passengers to use their digital identity on the mobile phone whenever they travel.

Travellers will use their biometric identity to check-in, make payments, drop their bag, and pass through security, immigration and boarding by scanning their face at each step.

Raffie Beroukhim, chief experience officer, NEC Corporation of America, and head of NEC Global Aviation Center of Excellence said, “We look forward to this partnership with SITA and the opportunity to develop and implement the most advanced platforms at airports throughout the world, thereby contributing to the digitisation of the airline industry and making travel safer and more enjoyable.”

Barbara Dalibard, chief executive officer, SITA said, “In NEC, we have another strong partner where together we are able to deliver to our airline and airport customers a more seamless, automated journey through the airport. We know that passengers value the benefit of a self-service experience.

“Leveraging SITA’s common-use footprint in more than 460 airports globally and NEC’s identity management technology, we are well placed to help our customers deliver a unique and efficient experience in the airport, particularly during these challenging times where there is increased focus on the health and safety of passengers.”

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