Vietnam has agreed to resume commercial flights to and from China, according to a report from Reuters.

The Southeast Asian country cancelled flights to China in February over the coronavirus crisis.

Citing Vietnam’s ministry of transport, the Reuters report added that the frequency and timing of flights was still being discussed.

Vietnam has a total of 372 confirmed coronavirus cases and no deaths, according to a situation report from the World Health Organization posted on July 13.

Currently, everyone travelling to Vietnam has to undergo a mandatory quarantine at a designated facility for 14 days.

Last month, the Vietnamese government said it was considering allowing international flights to a number of regions. A statement posted on the government’s website said it has assigned the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control to “figure out” a criteria to define “safe regions” for international flights.

The statement added that “such regions/areas could be those without new Covid-19 community infection for 30 days in a row”. These regions/areas “might be” Guangzhou, Taiwan, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Vietnam considers resuming some international flights to “safe regions”