Update on July 15: Singapore Airlines said on July 13 that “due to further restrictions imposed by the Australian government” the carrier will not operate passenger services from Singapore to Melbourne until August 8 this year. Flights from Melbourne to Singapore from July 1 to August 30 are “operating as listed”. 

Singapore Airlines (SIA) says it has cancelled passenger flights from Singapore to Melbourne until July 14, but its flights from Melbourne to Singapore between the same time period are still scheduled to fly.

The carrier says it has made these adjustments due to restrictions imposed by the Australian government.

The Australian government imposed new restrictions on those who live in 10 different postcodes in Melbourne on July 1, following an increasing number of coronavirus cases in Melbourne’s state of Victoria.

Under the new restrictions there are only four reasons that residents in restricted postcodes can leave their homes: shopping for food and essential items; to provide care giving or to seek medical treatment; for exercise; to work or study, if working or studying from home isn’t an option.

In a statement posted on its website, SIA said the following: “We apologise to customers affected by these changes and will work with them to make alternate travel arrangements.”