Delta Air Lines has detailed the measures it is taking to reassure travellers. Announcing a collaboration with the Mayo Clinic for its safety and Covid-19 infection control measures for both customers and employees, the intention of Delta “Care Standard” would be “to mitigate the risk of transmitting Covid-19 during travel”

Delta is working closely with the advisors at Mayo Clinic “to review, enhance and continuously improve health and safety protocols”.

Delta Air Lines will consult with Mayo Clinic on the following:

  • Covid-19 testing forthe Delta workforce – Mayo Clinic Laboratories has designed Delta’s employee testing program, assisted in administering diagnostic and serology tests, and will analyze the findings to determine broader trends. Based on the findings, Mayo Clinic will provide recommendations to Delta’s existing policies and procedures, perform workforce risk assessments and review re-testing programs for the ongoing safety of Delta people.
  • An advisory council– comprised of professionals from both organizations, this executive team will meet frequently to review and assess Delta’s health and safety policies and procedures. Mayo Clinic will also provide Delta with ongoing clinical guidance to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 through enhanced safety measures for employees. This council will be co-led by Rob Kight, senior vice president of Human Relations at Delta, and Henry Ting, M.D., chief value officer at Mayo Clinic, and William Morice II, M.D., Ph.D., president of Mayo Clinic Laboratories.
  • Customer Health Consulting– Working closely with Delta’s Customer Experience team under the guidance of Bill Lentsch, chief customer experience officer, Mayo Clinic will review and provide guidance on current customer-facing protocols and safeguards in place, and provide counsel on how to enhance these measures for optimal results. In addition, Mayo Clinic will advise Delta on best practices for customers regarding COVID-19 prevention, including the use of effective personal protective equipment, and guidance on how Delta can continue to provide a safe and clean travel experience.

“The role Mayo will play in testing our employees and advising on safety practices at airports and work spaces will help deliver the additional layers of protection needed to safeguard our customers and employees.” said Ed Bastian, CEO – Delta Air Lines.