A Travel Circle is a new bespoke travel brand that helps you curate exclusive experiences while on a vacation.

For more exclusivity, guests can choose private villas, small boutique hotels for buy-outs from the brand’s list of properties.

In India, A Travel Circle has partnered with several hospitality brands including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Marriott International, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts among others.

Founder and chief executive officer Pritish Shah said, “A Travel Circle is the newest addition to our experiential travel brands. During the past ten years of successfully curating travel journeys for couples, we frequently received requests from numerous guests wanting tailor-made experiences for their varied holiday requirements. We conducted comprehensive market research to better understand the evolving preferences of this ultra-wealthy segment.

“This pandemic has fast-tracked us to launch A Travel Circle, as the changing travel expectations in the new normal world align well with our product offerings – private villas for social distancing, private jets to avoid commercial airports, highest standards in safety with our carefully selected hospitality partners and other service vendors.

“We are also a part of the ‘Traveller Made’ network and have access to some of the travel shows worldwide. These aspects differentiate us as expert curators of immersive travel experiences with insights into the latest trends.”

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