Over recent months we have reported the numerous issues with Caledonian Sleeper and its new CAF rolling stock.

These include train failure, inadequate cleaning, failures of onboard equipment and so on.

Now The Scotsman reports that the latest incidents are more to do with current scheduling rather than the new rolling stock.

It’s reported that on several occasions recently Caledonian Sleeper arrived too early in Scotland.

But surely isn’t it preferable to arrive too early rather than too late?

Not in this case because “too early” meant the Caledonian Sleeper was arriving at times either when the station remained closed or before it had come to life.

One train arrived in Motherwell at 0500 (two hours early) and the passenger discovered the station remained locked.

On another occasion the service pulled into Edinburgh Waverly 90 minutes early at 0400, long before any connections were available.

In the latest incident a passenger on the Glasgow service, which arrived early, was not woken by staff and as he/she failed to leave the train before it was shunted to the Polmadie depot.

MD Ryan Flaherty explained to The Scotsman:

“During Covid-19 we have operated a reduced service with a special timetable.”

“On a small number of occasions some guests have been asked to leave the service earlier than the time advertised [this time is at a more civilised hour].

“We can confirm a guest was taken to Polmadie depot after the train’s arrival into Glasgow.

“The guest was transported back to the city centre by taxi.”

Travel writer Matthew Woodward commented that “This used to be one of the few rail journeys that has to slow itself down to make the city to city departures and arrivals appealing to passengers.”

Finally Ryan Flaherty said, “We’re sorry to those guests affected and have put further processes in place to ensure it does not happen again.”