Taipei-based China Airlines (CAL) says all passengers need to check-in online before arriving at the airport for their flight.

CAL has introduced online check-in for all travellers in an effort to reduce the amount of time they have to spend at the airport amid the coronavirus pandemic, the carrier said in a statement posted on its website.

It added that airport kiosks have been suspended temporarily in Taiwan to limit contact between travellers.

Passengers can check-in through the airline’s official website or through CAL’s mobile app.

The carrier says passengers can check-in with their smart phone or tablet starting from 48 hours before their scheduled departure until 80 minutes before the flight takes off. They can also select their preferred seats at the same time. Once passengers have the reservation code/ticket number and the necessary travel documents such as passport and visa in hand, they can then fill out the details and the boarding pass can be printed out in five minutes, according to the CAL. Passengers can also use the electronic boarding pass function on their mobile phones.

Passengers that have completed their online check-in can present their boarding pass and passport at the China Airlines check-in counter or at Taoyuan Airport MRT’s Taipei (A1) In-Town check-in counter.

The carrier says travellers must wear face masks upon arrival at the airport, and they should also arrive early to have their temperature taken before boarding.

The airline recently announced that it is increasing the number of flights on some routes in July. For regional routes, this includes Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. For long-haul routes, the carrier says it will increase frequency on routes to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

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