Air China will operate a total of 24 international routes per week in July, the carrier said in a statement posted on its website.

The carrier says it will operate the following routes in July:

North America

  • Beijing Capital-Los Angeles
  • Beijing Capital-Vancouver


  • Beijing Capital-Paris
  • Beijing Capital-Copenhagen
  • Beijing Capital-Minsk
  • Beijing Capital-Madrid
  • Beijing Capital-Stockholm
  • Beijing Capital-Warsaw
  • Beijing Capital-Vienna
  • Beijing Capital-Moscow
  • Beijing Capital-Athens
  • Shanghai Pudong-Frankfurt
  • Shanghai Pudong-London


  • Beijing Capital-Phnom Penh
  • Beijing Capital-Yangon
  • Beijing Capital-Delhi
  • Beijing Capital-Dubai
  • Beijing Capital-Islamabad-Karachi
  • Beijing Capital-Bangkok
  • Beijing Capital-Manila
  • Beijing Capital-Seoul Incheon
  • Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Narita
  • Chengdu-Kathmandu
  • Chengdu-Singapore

Earlier this month, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) said US carriers had been approved to fly four weekly flights to China.

According to the department, the Chinese government had previously blocked US air carriers from resuming passenger services between the two countries. The US responded with an order, effective June 16, that would limit Chinese air carriers to the total number of flights US air carriers were allowed to fly, said the DOT.

However, the department said it has amended its order to allow Chinese airlines to continue to fly four weekly flights between China and the United States in response to being allowed to fly four weekly flights to China.

US, China to each allow four weekly flights