Japan Airlines will be flying more domestic flights between July 1 and July 16.

The carrier says over 50 percent of its scheduled flights will be operated during the specified period in July.

Japan Airlines said the following in a statement posted on its website: “During the month of June, the carrier has seen a slight recovery in future travel demand based on two key factors; the state of emergency being lifted in the country and the government of Japan announcing plans to lift domestic travel restrictions on June 19. According to a recent forecast for the carrier, a 20 per cent recovery in demand is seen during the month of June and a 40 per cent recovery is expected during the first half of July on the domestic network”.

In May, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the state of emergency will be lifted for all of Japan, according to Reuters.

A full list of the flights can be found here.

Last month, Japan Airlines introduced new hygiene measures onboard its flights and at the airports the airline operates in.

Japan Airlines introduces health and safety measures