Abu Dhabi has extended restrictions into and within the emirate for a third week, with restrictions eased for residents wishing to exit the emirate.

The emirate began the movement ban on June 2 as it continued to attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus, with permits needed to exit and enter Abu Dhabi, as well as travel between its regions.

Employees of vital sectors, chronic disease patients visiting hospitals and those transporting goods and mail are exempt from the ban, as well as air passengers, who were encouraged to show their plane ticket at the borders in lieu of a permit.

Following the testing of over 388,000 people the ban has eased slightly in its third week, with citizens and residents able to exit the emirate without a permit.

A tweet from Abu Dhabi Police added that residents were allowed to move within their own region in line with sterilization timings. Permits are needed to go outside during the sterilisation programme, which runs from 10pm to 6am. Available to all members of the public, they are granted for short necessary errands including pharmacy visits, and valid for one hour.

As of June 17 the UAE recorded 42,982 cases of coronavirus, with 28,61 recoveries and 293 deaths. Figures are not broken down by emirate.