Madhya Pradesh (MP) has announced the reopening of State Tourism Development Corporation run-hotels, resorts and private hotels.

The state’s national parks are also opening today. The region is known for its wildlife hotspots with 11 national parks and 24 wildlife sanctuaries such as Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary and National Chambal Sanctuary.

Sanitisation and fumigation of the tourist spots have been undertaken. The tourism board has said that all health, hygiene and safety guidelines have been implemented as per SOP issued by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

Sonia Meena, IAS, additional managing director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board said, “Madhya Pradesh being into Inbound tourism promotion is very strong with its domestic tourism products and wildlife is one of them. Opening up tourist attractions would also give a sense of “returning to normalcy”.

“We see great potential after reopening our destinations like wildlife, heritage, pilgrimage, leisure, and adventure tourism opportunities”

Initially, the state is looking to attract travellers from neighbouring states, who can make use of the enhanced road connectivity.

MP’s tourism board has also introduced luxury caravans for travellers who wish to explore the state while minimising physical contact.