A recent data by Tripadvisor titled Beyond Covid-19: The Road to Recovery for the Travel Industry reveals that over two thirds of travellers (68 per cent) are already thinking about where they want to go next.

The report highlights five distinct stages of tourism impact and recovery:

  • Decline– Travel declines sharply as widespread restrictions enforced.
  • Plateau– Sharp decline in bookings levels out, but travellers start dreaming their next trip.
  • Emerge– Easing of travel restrictions begins, early signs of recovery in dining sector.
  • Domestic Travel– Travellers book their first trips away, but stay close to home.
  • International Travel– Border restrictions ease, and international travel begins to rebound.

The Tripadvisor report explores and identifies where the tourism and hospitality industry is on this road to recovery as well as outlines the significant pent up demand that exists in the marketplace for travel and dining.

According to the company, New Zealand, Germany, and Switzerland will be among the first few markets to enter the ‘emerge’ (Easing of travel restrictions begins, early signs of recovery in dining sector) stage, with restaurant searches on their platform surging strongly.

The study also reveals “consumer desire to travel remains resilient. Around two in five (41 per cent) consumers are optimistic that they will take the same or more trips than last year.”

Shorter trips to destinations closer to home are a recurring theme, says Tripadvisor. Nearly half (44 per cent) consumers feel they are more likely to take a road trip, and two thirds (61 per cent) are of opinion taking a road trip for three to five days.

Key findings from the report also indicate that consumers are 218 per cent more likely to take a trip where they can relax compared to before the pandemic, and nearly two thirds (59 per cent) would prefer to go somewhere off the beaten path.

Nature and beach destinations are on the rise as the company sees spike in North American traffic researching campgrounds, ranches and beach motels, while Myrtle Beach, San Diego and Key West are among the most popular domestic US destination searches in recent weeks

Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer for Tripadvisor, Inc says, “Our path to recovery will depend on the steps the industry takes to prepare for the road ahead – not just in terms of new standards and practices but also in how we collectively educate and engage consumers in a new, more thoughtful way of travelling.”

In hospitality, Martin Verdon-Roe, general manager of hospitality solutions, Tripadvisor, says, “For hospitality businesses, the report offers plenty of reasons for cautious optimism. There are clear signs that many consumers have a strong desire to dine out and travel again when they are allowed to do so, but when they do they will bring a new set of expectations with them.

“Businesses that adapt quickly to embrace safety, flexibility and transparency will have a clear competitive advantage to communicate to consumers and that could prove crucial in hastening their recovery.”

This report is the findings of a multi-month study that analysed consumer travel sentiment and first-party behavioural data related to the ongoing pandemic.