In a couple of weeks Humberside-based Eastern Airways will begin flying a variety of routes both mainland domestic and to Ireland.

Flights from Southampton will begin to operate in stages between June 22 and July 23. Main services will be to Aberdeen. Belfast City, Dublin, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Teesside.

Neil Garwood, managing director of Southampton Airport, is delighted  – his airport faced major problems when former main user Flybe ceased.

Two significant new routes are those from Teesside to London City and to Newquay. These together with the other route launches will hopefully revive the fortunes of Teesside, which lost its London link many years ago.

For London City (from Teesside’s catchment area) Eastern Airways will be competing with train companies LNER and Grand Central (the latter is expected to restart services in early July) with their  competitive journey times.

However this time Eastern Airways will link Teesside with London’s City airport rather than Bmi’s former link to Heathrow.

From Teesside to Newquay there is little if any competition from surface transport as journey times are well in excess of air schedules.

Newquay chairman Tim Jeans confirmed yesterday (June 7) on LBC radio that, although his airport remains closed to commercial aviation,  it will reopen on July 4.

With the above-mentioned routes we see Eastern Airways emulating the model of Flybe by linking regional points where surface travel can be both awkward and time-consuming.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the easing of UK travel restrictions, readers would be wise to re-check schedules at time of booking.

UPDATE: Eastern Airways has also announced that from July 9 it will fly between Leeds and Newquay. This route was previously operated by Flybe. There will be a daily flight Monday-Friday.