Etihad Airways has announced the next stage in its resumption of services, with an increase in connections between Europe and Asia/Australia via Abu Dhabi.

From June 10 the Gulf carrier will offer “easy transfer connections” between a total of 20 European, Asian and Australian cities.

The move builds on last month’s resumption of flights between the UK and Australia.

Connections will now be available from Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Melbourne, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo to European cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, London (Heathrow), Madrid, Milan, Paris and Zurich.

Etihad has added a dedicated transfer section to its website detailing flight options and information on entry regulations at arrival points.

This week the carrier also announced it is training up a team of ‘Wellness Ambassadors’ who will be able to “offer reassurance to customers by sharing advice on travel wellbeing and details of the health and sanitisation measures being implemented throughout their journey”, as part of its expanded health and hygiene programme in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also this week authorities in Abu Dhabi enforced a one-week ban on travellers entering and leaving the UAE capital in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. However states that air travellers are exempt from these restrictions.

Regarding transfer procedures at Abut Dhabi International, Etihad says:

“When we land in Abu Dhabi, you’ll be directed to a secure area of the airport terminal. Please remember to keep your face mask on, and follow the new measures that have been put in place to keep you protected.

“Our team will carry out an extensive, deep clean of the aircraft, including seats, seatbelts, toilets, tray tables and armrests.

“As soon as our cabins have been cleaned, you’ll re-board the aircraft, and we’ll continue to our final destination. You will not need to collect your baggage when we land in Abu Dhabi.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our lounges in Abu Dhabi are closed. We will reopen them as soon as we can.

“We understand this is a long journey, and we’ll do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible for you.”