ANA has rolled out several health and safety measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The Japanese carrier said its new measures will add to existing hygiene practices in already in place.

“We want to reassure our customers and employees that ANA is taking every precaution to provide a clean, safe and comfortable travel experience,” said Yuji Hirako, president and CEO of ANA.

“As new industry, government or airport specific cleaning and sanitisation policies are considered, we will continue to evaluate implementing them,” he added.

The carrier is requiring face masks for all passengers at the airport and onboard and “passengers who do not wear a facial covering may be refused to board”. ANA Group employees will also wear a facial covering “at every touch point with customers”, the carrier said. ANA noted that infants and those who are physically unable to wear masks are exempt from the requirement.  Passengers have to wear a facial covering in the check-in, lounge, gate and all areas of the airport.

Aircraft will be disinfected on a “regular and frequent basis”. Aircraft used for international flights will be sanitised after every flight, while domestic flights will be cleaned daily at night.

ANA said all aircraft will also have “clean air through ventilation systems”.

“The aircraft absorbs a large amount of clean air from the sky, which allows for the cabin’s entire air to be replaced in approximately three minute,” said the carrier in a statement.

The airline said its aircraft are also equipped with a high-performance filter which ensures high-quality, clean air. There is also constant air circulation in cabin which is constantly flowing, from the ceiling to the floor, and from the front to the back.

ANA is also encouraging passengers to check-in online and use ANA’s self service bag drop.

Staff will be present at the check-in, security and gate areas to encourage social distancing between passengers. Hand sanitisers have also been placed at airport entrances, the carrier said.