Last week Dutch airline KLM announced that it would offer cash refunds for future flights cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now sister carrier Air France has followed suit, and has also updated customers on a new bonus available to those opting to take vouchers.

In a statement Air France said that “The current and unprecedented Covid-19 crisis has caused never seen situations for airlines and their customers”.

“Since the beginning of this crisis, Air France and KLM have issued refundable vouchers as a commercial response to massive flight cancellations,” the carrier continued. “These vouchers can be reimbursed after 12 months if they have not been (fully) used.”

“Recent developments on the global sanitary situation and the gradual lifting of quarantine measures give more clarity the evolution of the flight schedule for the near future.

“Therefore, Air France and KLM have decided to adjust their refund policy for flight cancellations taking place on May 15 and after. Concerned customers will be offered the choice of a voucher or a cash refund.

“However, in view of the magnitude of this crisis and the number of cancellations, it may take longer to process these transactions. Air France and KLM thank their customers for their understanding in these exceptional circumstances.”

When we reported on KLM last week, the carrier said that it would soon announce plans “to make all vouchers more attractive by adding extra perks”.

Air France now says that a 15 per cent bonus will be added to be added to the value of the vouchers, which “can be used for a new booking but will not be included in the cash payout after 12 months if no new booking has been made”.

Interestingly the carrier said that the bonus would apply to all vouchers regardless of whether they were issued before or after the May 15 change in policy date.

The Air France KLM group said that is was “working on the technical implementation of the enhancement of these vouchers”, with further details to be communicated “in the coming days”.