Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has already announced its post-lockdown plan.

Following this, the chief executive officer of the airport, SGK Kishore has stressed that for the safety of passengers, they have come up with a first-of-its-kind contactless entry into the terminal.

What exactly is this contactless entry?

Under contactless entry, Kishore explains that instead of handing over the physical documents like travel itinerary and any of the government photo ID cards to a CISF personnel for verification, the passenger will be required to display the documents onto a high-definition camera installed at each gate at the domestic departure terminal of the airport.

He said, “The output of the camera will be then verified by the CISF Personnel from the specially-designed computer monitor kept at a safe distance from the passengers.

“After document checks, the passenger will be allowed inside the terminal building for check-in and other procedures.”

Any more additions to it?

In addition to this contactless entry, Kishore explains that thermal cameras have been positioned at each departure gates beside the document verification cameras at the domestic terminal to measure the temperature of every passenger in a non-intrusive way.