In an effort to ensure safe and hygienic air travel post lockdown, Indian low-cost carrier Indigo is upping its sanitisation measures.

As a part of this, their staff and crew will wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, and shoe covers appropriate for their role at check-in counters and boarding gates.

There will be temporary discontinuation of inflight meal service; barring onboard retail and duty-free sales. All touchpoints like tray tables, armrests, overhead nozzles, lavatories and galleys will be cleansed with cleaning agents and disinfectants approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and Airbus.

The airline is carrying out frequent deep cleaning of aircraft. The air that enters through the engine passes through High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and is then circulated in the cabin. HEPA ensures hospital-level filtration in the aircraft.

Keeping in mind the social distancing aspect, Indigo’s airport buses will be filled at 50 per cent capacity; boarding will be allowed for a limited number of passengers at a time and the seat occupancy will be in compliance with the guidelines laid down by designated aviation authorities.

In an official statement to Business Traveller India, Indigo said, “We will act and follow the advice of the government and health experts on social distancing and personal hygiene.

“We are well-prepared to take all requisite measures to keep our crew and passengers safe and virus free while continuing to provide on-time, hassle-free and convenient service at affordable fares.”