Today, GMR-led Delhi International Airport (DIAL) announced that the airport is gearing up for post lockdown days with the main focus being social distancing.

The statement said, “The airport is set to provide a safe and healthy environment to the passengers flying out of the Indira Gandhi International Airport when operations resume after the current nationwide lockdown ends.”

At present, India is under lockdown until May 3.

In terms of safety and hygiene, DIAL stresses that the airport has already taken several measures to sanitise the terminal buildings.

Talking about social distancing, DIAL will deploy queue managers at Kerb side (city side), check-in halls, security check areas and boarding gates with social distancing reminders.

Further, DIAL stated that it will encourage all passengers to wear masks and maintain social distancing at all times to ensure their own safety and wellbeing. To make social distancing more effective among passengers, DIAL has planned to put visually impactful designs at various places. “For instance, signage in coloured tape has been placed at various standpoints and staggered seating arrangement with different markers have been positioned on alternate chairs to maintain a gap.”

Some additional seating arrangements will be done in the check-in area for passengers near check-in counters, security and immigration areas.

Washrooms at the airport will be closed after every hour for sanitisation.

Moreover, passengers will be asked to check-in at home or use self-service facilities such as self-check-in facilities, self bag tag facility, scan and fly among others. The airport also revealed plans to install UV machines to sanitise checked baggage.

DIAL will also have facilities to isolate suspected Covid-19 passengers at the airport in accordance with government direction. The statement said, “A team of DIAL security staff will be deployed at various entry points to screen the airport staff. They will be provided with adequate protective equipment, including masks and gloves.”

DIAL’s chief executive officer Videh Kumar Jaipuriar said, “The disinfection aims to create a safe and healthy environment for passengers and staff members when operations resume at the airport.

“DIAL is going to continue its awareness drive by educating and encouraging passengers to maintain social distancing while in the queue. The Delhi Airport is also conducting training and assessments of key service personnel, run checks on major facilities and performing risk evaluations to prepare for resuming operations.”