Uber, the taxi-aggregator app is all about moving people.

However, times are different now during this pandemic of Covid-19.

While Uber is urging drivers to be home, the company is actively doing its part by launching initiatives that are society-driven.

Uber Medic

Working closely with hospitals across India, Uber Medic, a dedicated fleet, with top-rated drivers move frontline healthcare workers reliably and efficiently, 24 by 7. Uber has also partnered with the National Health Authority, to facilitate the provision of free rides so we can better support healthcare workers.

Uber Essential 

The taxi-aggregator company has partnered with local government authorities to launch Uber Essential that service critical travel needs.

This could include visits to a hospital, pharmacy or a grocery store, which have been explicitly permitted by the local authorities.

Doorstep deliveries 

Uber partnered with marketplace leaders including Spencer’s Retail, Big Basket and Flipkart to help deliver essential supplies to your doorstep, so that customers don’t need to take the risk of stepping out. Business Traveller India recently reported on Uber’s partnership with Flipkart in detail.

Safety measures

As an ongoing pilot, in the cars that are being made available to the National Health Authority, Uber is installing a protective plastic cabin separator around the driver’s seat to limit contact between the driver and the rider.

Additionally, to maintain hygiene and safety standards, select Uber Medic driver partners, wherever possible, are equipped with with personal protective equipment including hand sanitisers, gloves, disinfectant sprays and face masks, along with training in Covid-19 related safety protocols.