This afternoon, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray has made an announcement to set up ‘Fever Clinics’ for suspected patients of the coronavirus disease. For those with symptoms of cough, cold and fever will be asked to visit these clinics instead of visiting any other hospitals.

Thackeray says, “Here, the patients will be examined, and post-checkups, they will be directed for further treatment. Patients will be categorised into three sections, those with mild, moderate and severe symptoms along with other factors like high BP and kidney ailments.”

There will be doctors present at all three sections, however, the severe category will have all the facilities and experts to deal with allied ailments like those of the kidney.

The chief minister added, “This is because, if a COVID patient goes to a normal hospital, it affects the entire facility. Through this, we are taking care to prevent person-to-person transmission.”

Further details regarding the locations of these fever clinics will be shared soon.

In his address, Thackeray has also stressed about safety and hygiene and asks citizens to start using a mask if venturing out to buy essentials. He said people will have to obey this rule for some time to be safe from spreading the infection.