Chinese airlines revise international flight schedules after China orders flight cuts

1 Apr 2020 by Jackie Chen
Beijing Daxing International Airport - First flight test

Chinese airlines have revamped their international flight schedules between late March and the beginning of May, after the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) decided to limit the number of international flights coming in and out of China in an effort to curtail the increasing number of imported Covid-19 cases in China.

Under the new regulations, starting March 29, Chinese airlines are only allowed to maintain one route to any specific country with no more than one flight per week each with a passenger load factor that is no more than 75 per cent, according to the aviation regulator.

China has also imposed a travel ban on all foreign nationals, including those holding a work visa or residence permit.

Below are details of the revised international flight schedules for six major Chinese carriers until the beginning of May.

Air China

The table shows the Chinese flag carrier’s flight schedule from March 29 to April 30:

Country Route Flight No. Departure day(s) Notes
US Beijing Capital-Los Angeles CA987/988 Wed/Thu
or Sat/Sun
Wed/Thu from Mar 29 to Apr 5
Canada Beijing Capital-Vancouver CA991/992 Sun
France Beijing Capital-Paris CA933/934 Wed
Denmark Beijing Capital-Copenhagen CA877/878 Mon
Poland Beijing Capital-Warsaw CA737/738 Fri From Apr 17
Belarus Beijing Capital-Minsk CA721/722 Fri/Sat
Sweden Beijing Capital-Stockholm CA911/912 Fri/Sat
Russia Beijing Capital-Moscow CA909/910 Sat/Sun
Spain Beijing Capital-Madrid CA907/908 Sat
Austria Beijing Capital-Vienna CA841/842 Tue From Apr 14
Greece Beijing Capital-Athens CA863/864 Wed
India Beijing Capital-Delhi CA947/948 Mon/Tue From Apr 20
Cambodia Beijing Capital-Phnom Penh CA745/746 Wed/Thu
Myanmar Beijing Capital-Yangon CA905/906 Tue
Pakistan Beijing Capital-Islamabad-Karachi CA945/946 Fri/Sat From Apr 17
UAE Beijing Capital-Dubai CA941/942 Thu/Fri From Apr 16
South Korea Beijing Capital-Seoul Incheon CA123/124 Wed or Fri Wed from Mar 29 to Apr 12
Germany Shanghai Pudong-Frankfurt CA935/936 Sat
UK Shanghai Pudong-London Heathrow CA847/848 Fri
Thailand Shanghai Pudong-Bangkok CA805/806 Tue/Wed
Singapore Shanghai Pudong-Singapore CA807/808 Mon
Japan Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Narita CA929/930 Thu
Nepal Chengdu-Kathmandu CA437/438 Wed

China Eastern

Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines will operate around 40 flights per week to around 19 international destinations. The table shows the carrier’s flight schedule from March 29 to May 2:

Country Route Flight No. Departure day(s) Notes
US Shanghai Pudong-New York JFK MU587/588 Tue/Wed
Canada Shanghai Pudong-Toronto MU207/208 Fri/Sat
UK Shanghai Pudong-London Heathrow MU551/552 Thu/Fri
Netherlands Shanghai Pudong-Amsterdam MU771/772 Sun/Mon
France Shanghai Pudong-Paris Charles de Gaulle MU553/570 Sat/Sun
Germany Shanghai Pudong-Frankfurt MU219/220 Mon/Tue
New Zealand Shanghai Pudong-Auckland MU779/780 Tue/Wed
Australia Shanghai Pudong-Sydney MU561/562 Mon/Wed
South Korea Shanghai Pudong-Seoul Incheon MU5041/5042 Tue
Japan Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Narita MU523/524 Fri
India Shanghai Pudong-Delhi MU563/564 Thu/Fri From Apr 15
Malaysia Shanghai Pudong-Kuala Lumpur FM885/886 Sun Operated by Shanghai Airlines
Thailand Shanghai Pudong-Bangkok FM833/834 Sat Operated by Shanghai Airlines
Shanghai Pudong-Bangkok MU541/542 Sun
Philippines Shanghai Pudong-Manila MU211/212 Tue/Wed From Apr 14
Singapore Shanghai Pudong-Singapore MU567/568 Mon
Myanmar Shanghai Pudong-Yangon MU2099/2100 Tue/Wed
Sri Lanka Shanghai Pudong-Colombo MU231/232 Mon
Cambodia Shanghai Pudong-Phnom Penh MU759/760 Tue/Wed
Bangladesh Kunming-Dhaka MU2035/2036 Thu From Apr 16

China Southern

The table shows the Guangzhou-based carrier’s flight schedule from March 29 to May 2:

Country Route Flight No. Departure day(s) Notes
Netherlands Guangzhou-Amsterdam CZ307/308 Fri
France Guangzhou-Paris Charles de Gaulle CZ347/348 Tue
UK Guangzhou-London Heathrow CZ303/304 Wed/Thu
US Guangzhou-Los Angeles CZ327/328 Wed Apr 1
Sun From Apr 5
Canada Guangzhou-Vancouver CZ329/330 Wed
Australia Guangzhou-Sydney CZ325/326 Sat/Sun
New Zealand Guangzhou-Auckland CZ305/306 Sun
South Korea Shenyang-Seoul Incheon CZ681/682 Sun
Japan Shenyang-Tokyo Narita CZ627/628 Thu
Cambodia Guangzhou-Phnom Penh CZ323/324 Sun/Mon
Laos Guangzhou-Vientiane CZ6091/6092 Fri
Malaysia Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur CZ365/366 Mon/Tue
Myanmar Guangzhou-Yangon CZ3055/3056 Sat
Thailand Guangzhou-Bangkok CZ3081/3082 Wed
Singapore Guangzhou-Singapore CZ3039/3040 Tue
Pakistan Urumqi-Islamabad CZ6007/6008 Mon
Bangladesh Guangzhou-Dhaka CZ391/392 Wed/Thu
Nepal Guangzhou-Kathmandu CZ3067/3068 Sat From Apr 4

Hainan Airlines

The Hainan-based carrier will only fly to Toronto and Brussels during this period. The table below shows its flight schedule from March 29 to May 2:

Country Route Flight No. Departure day(s) Notes
Canada Beijing-Toronto HU7975/7976 Tue/Wed
Belgium Beijing-Brussels HU491/492 Tue Mar 31
Fri/Sat Apr 10-11
Mon/Tue Apr 20-21

Juneyao Airlines

The carrier will only fly to Helsinki, Osaka, Singapore and Bangkok during this period. The table below shows its flight schedule from March 29 to May 2:

Country Route Flight No. Departure day(s) Notes
Finland Shanghai Pudong-Helsinki HO1607/1608 Sat/Sun
Japan Shanghai Pudong-Osaka Kansai HO1335/1336 Tue
Singapore Shanghai Pudong-Singapore HO1605/1606 Wed
Thailand Shanghai Pudong-Bangkok HO1357/1358 Mon/Tue

Xiamen Air

The table below shows the Xiamen-based carrier’s flight schedule from March 29 to May 2:

Country Route Flight No. Departure day(s) Notes
US Xiamen-Los Angeles MF829/830 Sun/Mon
Canada Xiamen-Vancouver MF805/806 Thu/Fri
Netherlands Xiamen-Amsterdam MF811/812 Wed
Australia Xiamen-Sydney MF801/802 Wed/Thu
Singapore Xiamen-Singapore MF851/852 Tue
Malaysia Xiamen-Kuala Lumpur MF847/848 Wed
Thailand Xiamen-Bangkok MF833/834 Fri
Cambodia Xiamen-Phnom Penh MF8691/8692 Tue
South Korea Xiamen-Seoul MF871/872 Sun
Japan Fuzhou-Tokyo MF809/810 Fri

Many other international airlines are also operating a small number of flights to help stranded passengers return home after countries around the world closed their borders to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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