San Francisco International airport is to delay the opening of the next phase of its Harvey Milk Terminal 1 (formerly known as the South Terminal).

Named after California’s first openly gay elected public official who was assassinated in 1978, the first phase of the revamped terminal was unveiled last summer, with facilities including new gates, floor to ceiling windows, new retail concessions and energy-saving initiatives, including “self-energizing elevators, moving walkways and Go Slow escalators that reduce the use of grid electricity”.

The airport currently remains opens “for essential traffic”, despite the state of California entering lockdown last week due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but it has understandably postponed the next phase of Terminal 1.

The postponement means that for now:

  • All American Airlines check-in and gate activities will remain in Terminal 2
  • Jetblue and Southwest will remain in their current ticket counter and baggage claim locations

Work will continue on the Harvey Milk Terminal 1 project (which is due for completion in 2022) – the airport said that a new opening date for the latest phased opening will not be established until at least mid-April.