Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Thursday, 2000 hours, over the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the key announcements during his speech was the “Janta (People) Curfew” that will be observed on Sunday between 0700 and 2100. As a part of this, all citizens barring those working in services such as medical, police and media are required to abide by curfew-like restrictions. 

Modi has notified about a special task force being set up that will combat the economic impact of the pandemic. Headed by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the team will look at ways to reduce the economic difficulties and execute them effectively.

The Prime Minister has also urged businesses and companies to not cut salary of employees or house helps who are unable to come to work due to quarantine measure.

He has appealed to the citizens to refrain from panic buying. Adequate supply of essential commodities have been assured.

Lastly, nationwide appreciation and gratitude for those who are out there working during this crisis has been called-for. Modi stated that at 1700 on Sunday, all the citizens should stand in their doorways or balconies and clap, clank utensils or ring bells to show appreciation.