In a recent aviation development, Indian Civil Aviation Ministry on Monday lifted restrictions on Indian airlines’ onboard wifi services.

(However, each flight would require the permission by the pilot-in-command for onboard wifi accessibility.)

This means that passengers flying Indian airlines can now access onboard wifi services on airplane mode on their smartphones, laptops and smart watches.

International carriers can also offer internet services in Indian airspace.

Previously, International carriers that offer inflight wifi had to switch off these services upon entering Indian airspace. 

As of September 2018, Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan had stated that the guidelines for access to internet services on domestic and international flights had been finalised and would be announced soon.

In February, Tata group’s NELCO, in partnership with Panasonic Avionics had launched inflight wifi services in India. Vistara CEO Leslie Thng claims that its first Boeing 787-9 aircraft (which was received at Everett on last Friday) will be the first plane in India to offer inflight wifi services.

AirAsia, Air France, British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways and Virgin Atlantic are a few carriers that offer inflight wifi services. Indian airlines are hopeful to join this list soon.