VFS Global has launched electronic visa on arrival (eVOA) digital solution for visitors travelling to Vietnam. This is in partnership between VFS Global and the Embassy of Vietnam.


STEP 1: Visit https://vietnam.vfsevisa.com/ and complete the easy-to-use application form

STEP 2: Upload the required documents which are securely transferred on the digital wallet and complete the online payment.

STEP 3: Once the online payment has been made and the visa decision is approved, eligible travellers will receive their e-visa on arrival approval letters directly into their respective digital wallets.

According to Chris Dix, head of Business development, VFS Global, said, “It is a privilege for VFS Global to extend our relationship with the Vietnam authorities through the launch of this new e-visa on arrival solution for those who seek to visit such a beautiful and culturally rich nation.

“The digital eVisa on Arrival solution is an exclusive approved solution developed by VFS Global. By leveraging our expertise as the global leader in visa application services, this new user-friendly and highly secure digital service will considerably enhance the ease and convenience of the visa process for those seeking to travel to Vietnam.”