Spicejet has announced the launch of 20 new flights scheduled to commence operations from March 29.

The airline will be the first and only carrier in the country to launch nonstop flight services on the UDAN routes of Varanasi-Patna and Amritsar-Patna. With the commencement of these new flights, the airline will now operate a total of 52 flights connecting 12 cities under the regional connectivity scheme.

This is the highest number of flights being operated by any Indian airline under RCS.

Along with this, the low-cost carrier has introduced a host of new flights on the Guwahati-Patna, Hyderabad-Mangaluru, Bengaluru-Jabalpur, Patna-Varanasi and Mumbai-Aurangabad sectors.

Spicejet will also enhance its operations with additional frequencies on the routes of Mumbai-Bagdogra (second frequency), Mumbai-Chennai (fifth frequency), Hyderabad-Mangaluru (second frequency) and Guwahati-Delhi (second frequency) sectors.

All the new flights introduced will be operational daily and the airline will deploy a mix of its Boeing 737-800 and Bombardier Q400 aircraft on all these routes.

Flight schedule of new flights:

Flight no Origin Destination Departure Arrival Frequency
SG-425 Guwahati Patna 0600 0715 Daily
SG-426 Patna Guwahati 2020 2130 Daily
SG-1211 Hyderabad Mangaluru 0550 0720 Daily
SG-1212 Mangaluru Hyderabad 0740 0855 Daily
SG-1220 Bengaluru Jabalpur 1140 1415 Daily
SG-1221 Jabalpur Bengaluru 1435 1710 Daily
SG-2752 Varanasi Patna 1645 1735 Daily
SG-2753 Patna Varanasi 1755 pm 1845 Daily
SG-2758 Amritsar Patna 0850 1135 Daily
SG-2759 Patna Amritsar 1155 1440 Daily
SG-153 Mumbai Aurangabad 0915 1020 Daily
SG-154 Aurangabad Mumbai 1050 1155 Daily
SG- 163 Mumbai Bagdogra 1235 1525 Daily
SG-168 Bagdogra Mumbai 1555 pm 1905 Daily
SG-313 Mumbai Chennai 0925 1125 Daily
SG-314 Chennai Mumbai 1200 1400 Daily
SG-1218 Hyderabad Mangaluru 1930 2105 Daily
SG-1219 Mangaluru Hyderabad 2125 2255 Daily
SG-8951 Guwahati Delhi 0600 0845 Daily
SG-8952 Delhi Guwahati 1940 1010 Daily

*All timings as per local standard times