Norwegian has made several changes to its carry-on luggage restrictions, including a new fare which does not include an allowance for an overhead cabin bag.

The move – which came into effect yesterday (January 23) – means that customers purchasing a “Low Fare” (styled LowFare) will only be able to carry on one piece of underseat luggage, up to a maximum weight of 10kg.

Those passengers wishing to take an overhead cabin bag onboard should opt for a Low Fare + fare, which offers one underseat bag and one overhead bag, up to a combined weight of 10kg.

Flex, Premium and Premium Flex customers can carry on one underseat bag and one overhead bag, up to a combined weight of 15kg.

Low Fare customers wishing to purchase an overhead bag allowance can do so for an additional cost of between €5 and €9 depending on the flight.

All customers can also carry onboard one airport shopping bag in addition to their normal allowance.

As part of the changes, Norwegian has increased the size limit of the underseat bag to 30cm x 20cm x 38cm (from 33cm x 25 cm x 20cm), and has also increased the combined weight limit for Flex and Premium customers from 10kg to 15kg.

Norwegian says that it is introducing the new policy “to ensure that everyone travelling with Norwegian has a smooth, comfortable flight that departs on time”.

“Norwegian’s business model is based on giving our customers freedom of choice and that is also the basis of this new policy,” said Cecilie Nybø Carlsen, VP Product Management at Norwegian.

“All customers, regardless of ticket type, can bring one underseat bag to be stored under the seat in front of them. If customers don’t need any additional hand baggage, they can choose our Low Fare ticket at no additional costs.

“Those who wish to bring an additional overhead cabin bag can do so at a small additional cost prior to departure or choose a different ticket type when booking their ticket.

“It’s important for us that everyone has a good travel experience when they fly Norwegian. It is a common misperception that there is enough room in the cabin for all passengers to bring an overhead cabin bag.

“However, most of our aircraft carry 186 passengers and has space for around 80 overhead cabin bags. Now, with the new policy in place, our goal is that boarding will be smoother for our passengers, we can avoid spending time rearranging carry-on baggage in the overhead lockers and help ensure that our aircraft depart on time.”

Fellow low-cost carrier Ryanair changed its hand luggage policy in 2018, restricting non-priority customers to one small piece of carry-on luggage, measuring a maximum of 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.