If India’s ministry of commerce and industry has its way, then soon travellers will only be able to purchase one litre alcohol as against two litres available now, at duty free shops across Indian airports.

Furthermore, cigarettes may completely go off the shelves at these shops.

As per industry reports, the government ministry has also made suggestions to increase import duty on as many as 200 items deemed superfluous by them.

These said recommendations put forth for the upcoming Budget 2020 are aimed at reducing imports of non-essential items; and boost India’s export system to create more jobs.

If the proposals are accepted, then Nirmala Sitharaman, minister of finance and minister of corporate affairs will announce their implementation in the union budget on February 1, 2020.

On the other hand, establishments like the Association of Private Airport Operators (APAO), an apex industry association of the major private Airports in India feels that the airports and passengers would be drastically hit by this move (if implemented) —  as this would lead to a reduction in non-aero revenue, that helped keeping the airline fares in check.

The current customs guide for duty free goods can be viewed here.